Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

End prohibition and regulate cannabis in California:

Voices for Reform

Marijuana reform comes down to individual liberty, limited government and common sense.

Our youth want and deserve a future. Let's invest in people, not prisons. It is time to end the failed war on drugs by regulating cannabis to save our communities.

By regulating cannabis, we will enhance public safety, use our critical fiscal resources more efficiently and help repair the public’s respect and trust in our peace officers.

Alcohol prohibition was repealed because it empowered an underground market made up of violent criminals. It’s time to apply that thinking to cannabis.

More Voices for Reform

Why Reform

The time has come to set our state on a different path that replaces the damaging effects of prohibition with safe and proven regulations that benefit the whole state.

Why Reform

What You Can Do

As our movement grows, we'll begin to take tangible action towards reform such as gathering signatures for a ballot initiative. Do your part to help us get there.

What You Can Do

Help Us Spread the Word Online:

By regulating and taxing cannabis, California can:


sales to cartels


teen access to cannabis


law enforcement on real crime


thousands of middle class jobs


critical public services


Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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