Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

California: it's time.

We've filed our initiative!

We believe this effort has the most statewide input and consensus, and thus the greatest likelihood of succeeding on the 2016 ballot. We engaged in extensive discussions with thousands of stakeholders across California just like YOU, including community leaders, activists, elected officials, city and county employees and locals, the CA NAACP, Latino Voters’ Leagues, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Labor, Medical, Health Care and Environmental Groups. We also held dozens of hours of discussions with the Drafting Advisory Group, which included state and national partners including CA NORML, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Emerald Growers Association (EGA), Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA), California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), New Approach, the Harborside Group, and the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation.

We've filed our proposed initiative language based on the policy priorities and common sense reforms Californians have been asking for for six years now. The policy points were submitted to the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips Law Firm, who created an elegant policy document that falls within the guidelines of the Blue Ribbon Commission's Report, while complementing the historic actions of the California Legislature. Because of the important reforms we accomplish with respect to criminal justice, we're thrilled to report Ms. Alice Huffman has joined Dale Sky Jones as a co-proponent!

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As we prepare to finalize our initiative, we welcome your feedback by midnight PST on Thursday, October 8th. Please select a topic you'd like to leave feedback about - this helps us make sure your comments go to the right place. Don't worry - you'll have a chance to leave additional feedback on the other subjects after clicking "submit."

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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