Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition


Over the past few months, the ReformCA team has traveled across the state -- from San Diego to Redding -- to listen to your thoughts on what legalization should look like in California. These Legalization Roundtables have helped to clarify the important issues at stake, and build consensus in our movement as we make progress towards an initiative that can garner the support and resources needed to qualify and win on the November 2016 ballot.

We're not done listening. With Roundtables coming up in Santa Cruz, Sacramento and the Bay Area over the next month, we hope to hear from even more of you.

I'm asked all the time where ReformCA stands on these issues. The truth is that the Legalization Roundtables are our way of developing those positions, because we believe strongly that collaboration and discussion are crucial to the success of a statewide initiative.

That said, we do have a clear vision for what we want to see a legalization initiative accomplish:

  • Make cannabis legal for adults along similar lines as alcohol.
  • Allow personal use cultivation and sharing with family and friends.
  • Provide California with tax and licensing fee revenues from legal cannabis.
  • Protect medical patients by maintaing a medical program distinct from an adult use system.
  • Allow adult use on private premises at owner’s discretion, prohibit use on schools and public property and leave it up to local authorities or voters to decide on on-site consumption.

In between our travels, we've been busy laying the groundwork for legalization in other ways:

  • Forming a team of political and polling experts.
  • Working with national and state organizations to build consensus around policy considerations for legalization.
  • Consulting with state leaders in Sacramento on those policy considerations and getting their feedback.
  • Building a list of 60,000+ Californians who believe it's our time to legalize it.

We're confident that we'll have even more progress to report over the coming months, so stay tuned. For now, I just wanted to let you know that we're on track to see legalization on the ballot in 2016, and that your early and vocal input through our Roundtables, website, email, social media and phone calls have been a huge help towards getting us to this point.

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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