Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Our take on the Blue Ribbon Commission Report

You may have seen news about the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report. The report is a result of an extensive effort led by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom to look into the various issues involved with legalizing adult-use cannabis in California and make recommendations for how those issues should be addressed in a legalization initiative. 

We believe the report is a very thoughtful and timely analysis. The report's recommendations are very much in line with our views. You can read the entire report here, but SF Gate does a nice job of breaking down the key findings.

One key finding is that legalization must work for all Californians.

That's why we have taken the long view leading up to 2016, taking a measured approach, and consulting in depth with diverse stakeholders, including physicians and nurses, the NAACP, Latino, and Asian civic organizations, elected officials, community leaders, organized labor, retired law enforcement officers, soccer moms and more. Additionally we maintain constant contact with the existing responsible operators of the statewide medical cannabis system.

Another key finding is that legalization must be orderly and protect all Californians, while being realistic.

That is why our initiative addresses control and regulation, public health concerns, packaging, retail sales and cultivation with reasonable flexibility. We seek to create funding mechanisms to support the regulatory and enforcement scheme, along with increased education and environmental protection. However, we do not create a tax regime with the expectation that cannabis tax revenues will be a cash cow for general government operations, nor entice the black market.

Over the coming weeks, we will work to ensure these findings are reflected in our draft initiative before filing with the Attorney General's office.

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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