Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Filing an initiative to legalize cannabis in California

In the coming weeks, ReformCA will file an initiative to legalize cannabis in California.

We've also retained a leading signature gathering firm, so that once we file, we can begin to collect signatures and qualify for the November 2016 ballot.

I know many of you are eager to review the details of the initiative — as you should be since you helped craft it — so we'll send you a link to the full text.

For the past two years, ReformCA has worked to build consensus across the state for what this initiative should look like and lay the groundwork for an eventual campaign. This includes fifteen in-person meetings throughout the state where the grassroots could weigh in on important matters as well as extensive consultation with other organizations and policy makers.

The initiative reflects the many voices that we heard throughout this process, and I'm confident that it's something our entire movement can get behind because it's built around what we can make right by legalizing cannabis:

  • Fewer lives ruined by the drug war.

  • Law enforcement focused on violent crime — not simple cannabis possession.

  • New funding for schools and less for criminal cartels.

  • Protections for medical patients and a new industry that creates jobs.

Alaska, Colorado, D.C., Oregon and Washington have led the way, now it's our time to legalize cannabis and tip the scales on this issue across the country.

I hope we can count on your support. We're going to need all hands on deck if we're going to be successful.

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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