Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Kamala Harris' prohibitionist policies

SF Weekly's Chris Roberts published a stunning report on September 30th which exposes Attorney General Kamala Harris to further scrutiny over her position on cannabis reform. 

The same day Harris laughed when asked for her position on legalization, officers from a state funded task force under the direction of Harris' department were in a helicopter above Mendocino County conducting warrantless raids on legal medical cannabis growers.

From the article:

Men in camouflage had descended from an unmarked helicopter and were cutting down the garden. The men who visited [the] 120-acre spread left no paperwork, no search warrants, and no business cards. They also declined to identify themselves.

We know from further reporting that these "men in camouflage" were part of the "Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force," which is not only funded by the state, but partially made up by Harris' own officers.

Roberts closes his report by writing that "now would be a good time for them to hear from" Harris on where she stands on this issue. We agree. If re-elected, she'll be in a key position to review and implement a hopefully voter approved initiative to end prohibition. How will she handle that responsibility if her own department continues prohibitionist policies today?

Sign our letter to her and help us get an answer.

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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