Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Prohibition not "a yes-or-no thing" for Kamala Harris

Here's another pass from Kamala Harris at explaining her position on ending prohibition:

[Her] campaign manager Brian Brokaw told me that Harris has been a longtime supporter of medical marijuana, but she doesn’t like framing the issue as if it’s a yes-or-no thing. The candidate didn’t want to be “pinned down to three words,” but if necessary, they would be “watch and analyze.”

"Watch and analyze" is certainly a more credible position than just straight up laughing when being asked about reform. But it doesn't tell us anything important.

Does she believe prohibition is fundamentally unfair? She should according to crime statistics published by her office.

Does she believe that law enforcement resources can be better used going after real crime? Her campaign manager says she "has been a longtime supporter of medical marijuana," but recent reports link her office to warrantless helicopter raids on medical cannabis growers in Mendocino County.

Suffice it to say that just 25 months before California voters cast their ballots for legalization, we have no idea where our Attorney General stands on the issue. And that should concern everyone in our movement since she'll play such an important role before, during and after an initiative in 2016.

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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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