Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Our Principles

We believe that cannabis legalization in California should:

✓ Protect medical cannabis patients and encourage safe access.

✓ Make personal cannabis possession legal for adults in limited amounts.

✓ Provide California new tax revenues from legal cannabis business and sales.

✓ Designate cannabis as an agricultural product, and allow limited personal cultivation.

✓ Encourage sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

✓ Eliminate felony penalties for minor, non-violent marijuana offenses.  Allow adults to consume on private property where allowed.

✓ Adhere to the 8 Federal enforcement priorities; prohibit sales to children, prevent diversion to other states, prevent enriching gangs and violent cartels or using legal sales to cover for trafficking.  Prevent drugged driving, illegal activity, and trespass grows, as well as possession or use on federal property.

What do you think about these principles? Leave a comment below.

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  • commented 2015-06-28 07:21:58 -0700
    Legalization needs to address the following:

    1. Reasonable possession limits.

    2. Legalized free transfers from one person to another (gifting).

    3. The inalienable right to grow a certain number of plants without interference or regulations from local jurisdictions (Counties and Cities cannot ban or restrict a property owner’s or renter’s right to grow a certain number of plants for personal use).

    4. Workplace safeguards covering both employer and employee (you can be fired for showing up for work under the influence, but you cannot be fired on Monday for smoking a joint Saturday night).

    5. Medically reasonable DUI testing that do NOT test for metabolites, but rather for THC levels in the blood (as of today blood tests for THC levels are the only accurate measure – but this will change). Somewhere between 5 – 10 ug/L THC is probably a good number, based on the results of test subjects observed driving while using cannabis.

    6. A ceiling on taxes (both state and local) so that state and local authorities cannot impose taxes that effectively create or further enrich the black market.

    7. Medical cannabis should be sold tax-free to those who possess a physician recommendation.

    8. State and local authorities cannot impose rules for dispensaries that are more prohibitive than those in place for the sale of alcohol. Zoning ordinances for cannabis sales should parallel those for alcohol sales.

    9. The rules governing the consumption of cannabis cannot be more restrictive than the rules governing the consumption of alcohol. If it is legal to consume alcohol at a certain place/time then it shall be concurrently legal to consume cannabis at the same place/time.

    10. A provision that requires law enforcement to compensate those who have had cannabis confiscated but who have NOT been convicted of a cannabis-related crime as a result of that confiscation. Translation: If the cops take your cannabis but that confiscation does not result in a conviction – you get compensated (in cash) full-value street price for the cannabis.

Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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