Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

Progress report: 644 days to go

Dale Addresses L.A. RoundtableWould you believe that there are only 644 days until the 2016 election? That might seem like a lot of time, but deadlines for propositions are coming up as soon as this summer, so right now is a crucial time for our movement.

It's clear that to be successful next year, we will need a united statewide effort. The team at the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform and ReformCA are hard at work trying to strengthen our movement. We're touring the state, meeting with supporters and activists, as well as making a major fundraising push.

I'm excited to see positive momentum build all across the state. Slowly but surely, we're moving into a position to win. Here's a quick update on the big items we're working on.

Campaign Timeline: A few big dates for our campaign are coming up: July 7, Labor Day, and March 8. In the next few months, along with our partners, we'll be drafting an initiative ahead of the July submission deadline. Then, we'll be in full-on campaign mode as we begin to fundraise for signature gathering starting by Labor Day. From there, we'll have 180 days to gather 585,407 signatures to qualify for the ballot, and we hope to be submitting them in early March.

Fundraising: We got a big boost last week, raising $80,000 for the campaign, with more on the way. It's an important first step toward building our war chest for the election as some experts predict it could cost over $10 million altogether.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Speaks at O.C. RoundtableGrassroots Update: This past weekend, we hosted four roundtables across Southern California to discuss a broad range of issues related to a legalization initiative with supporters of reform. In San Diego, we had over thirty supporters who were eager to make their voices heard — we even went over an hour beyond our scheduled time! Then we headed to L.A. (see me speaking above), Inland Empire, and Orange County to hear what supporters in those parts of the state had to say, and we had great discussions at every stop, including hearing from (seen speaking to the group). Watch this space as we schedule additional roundtables in the near future.

Overall, it's been a fantastic start to 2015, but we have so much more work to do. I can't wait to get on the road and hear from more supporters as we continue building for next year.



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Bringing Citizens Together to End Cannabis Prohibition

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